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I have been using my Nars Sheer Matte foundation for a month and I haven’t make up my mind on this yet. I got this with the 20% off from Sephora VIB sales. It comes in a luxurious packaging but it doesn’t actually come with a pump. If you want you can purchase the pump separately at Sephora or at Nars stands for 5 Euros. I think that for the price point, which is 47 Euros, it should come with a pump to make the application easier.

Nars claims that the oil-free formula delivers sheer, buildable coverage with shine control while also claiming to be long-lasting and evening out skin tone. This is a light to medium coverage foundation and definitely you need to get a colour match because it’s not something that you can really easily pick up your shade.

It does tend to dry quickly, so you need to work in sections on your face. That is because is a dry formula. You have to bear in mind that applying too much product can make it look heavy and cakey. I have seen lot of people using Real Techniques Buffing Brush for applying it but I prefer to use my fingers, which is what the girl at the Nars stand recommended to me.

I suggest you to apply some moisturizer and primer underneath this foundation if you want to avoid dry patches. It does give a matt finish but is still so beautiful on the skin, even though it tends to oxidize.

My main problem with this foundation is that I am not impressed at all. It is true that it helps to control the oil but it doesn’t prevent the shiny-face effect. It’s weird because I see the shine in my T-zone but it doesn’t feel greasy at all. For that reason I would recommend to get a tester before buying it.

Sin base de maquillaje, sólo crema hidratante.

Without foundation, just moisturized.

Con la base de Nars aplicada. Sólo se aprecia una ligera unificación del tono de piel.

With foundation. 

Has anyone else used Nars Sheer Matte foundation? How did you find it?




Este martes os traigo un nuevo vídeo con los que han sido mis productos favoritos de este mes de Enero. Desde mi perfume favorito hasta la impresionante paleta Virtual Domination de Nars. Os invito a echarle un vistazo y que me contéis cuáles han sido los productos imprescindibles de este mes.


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Elegir el perfume perfecto es una de las cuestiones más personales. Un olor que nos identifique, que nos haga sentir especiales y que, al mismo tiempo, nos haga especiales para los demás.

Hace unos meses llegó hasta mí una muestra del perfume Alien de Thierry Mugler, una fragancia que conocía a través de las campañas de publicidad pero que nunca me había atraído. Al probarlo me pareció muy diferente. Creo que fue por la combinación de olores florales y amaderadas (no sé nada sobre describir perfumes pero es una manera de explicaros como olía para mí). A pesar de su originalidad y de ser una fragancia con mucho carácter, me enamoró.

Afortunadamente, me regalaron un increíble estuche de Alien estas Navidades. Incluye una loción corporal, un gel de ducha y una crema corporal. Todos los productos huelen increíble y dejan un brillo dorado en la piel muy bonito.

He leído muchísimas opiniones de este perfume en Internet y, a partir de ellas, puedo decir que Alien es un olor que te enamora o te repugna. Es increíble como un mismo producto puede producir opiniones tan dispares. Así que recomiendo pedir una muestra en vuestra perfumería para probarla. Si llegáis a casa y no podéis dejar de olerla, sabréis que tenéis que tenerla.


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Perfumes are all about a personal issue because body chemistry plays a strong role when it comes to choose a fragrance. I tried Alien by Thierry Mugler on a tester strip in September’s Vogue issue and I fell in love. It really smelled different and very attractive and for months I could smell this on people walking past in the street all the time.

Luckily, I got a full Alien set for Christmas. It included a body lotion, a shower gel and a body cream. All the products smell incredibly well and they leave a beautiful golden glow on the skin.

I know that this is a hit-or-miss perfume because of its uniqueness. But I really recommend trying this out. If you got home and can’t stop smelling it, you will know you have to have it.


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Lately I’ve been trying out two well-known eye shadow primers: Too Faced Shadow Insurance and Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Eden.

I’ve been using the Too Faced Shadow Insurance for years. It was my first eye shadow and it became an absolutely essential product in my makeup routine because of my oily eyelids. It comes in a little tube and the formula is very creamy, so you really have to blend it out with your fingers before applying any eye shadow. I give it a minute to fully absorb and then it creates a smooth and even canvas to facilitate eye makeup application. My eye shadows stay on for much longer and the colours apply gorgeously vibrant.

When I finished my Too Faced Shadow Insurance tube I decided to try out the popular Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden. Eden is a nude-matte eye shadow primer potion for oily eyelids or matte eye shadow looks. My main problem is that every now and then a strange liquid comes out from the tube. Moreover, sometimes the eye shadows don’t blend well and it also fades in about one hour and my shadows start to crease or wear off. For some reason, it just doesn’t work well for me.

Personally, Too Faced Shadow Insurance works better for me because it really does last me all day. Have you tried these products? What do you think about them?


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Desde que empecé con esto del maquillaje, la prebase de ojos ha sido uno de los productos imprescindibles en mi neceser. Durante años he sido absolutamente fiel a la prebase Shadow Insurance de Too Faced. Un pequeño tubo de color azul que he usado durante años para potenciar el color y la duración de mis sombras de ojos.

Por aquello de probar nuevas cosas y contaros qué tal me han funcionado, decidí probar el famosísimo Primer Potion de Urban Decay en el tono Eden, que está especialmente pensado para personas con la piel mixta grasa. El formato es el mismo que el de la prebase de Too Faced: un tubito que contiene 11 gramos de producto, que sale a través de una pequeña abertura.

La primera diferencia entre estas dos prebases es el su textura. Mientras la de Urban Decay tiene una textura cremosa pero un poco granulada, la de Too Faced tiene un tacto más sedoso que, en mi opinión, hace mucho más fácil aplicar la prebase y difuminar las sombras. La Primer Potion deja un tacto más aterciopelado. En principio, esto debería ser positivo: las sombras se mostrarán más vibrantes y durarán mucho más tiempo. Sorprendentemente, este acabado mate me dificulta mucho aplicar las sombras, difuminarlas y, además, no previene que las sombras se cuarteen. Por algún motivo que desconozco esta prebase no me ha funcionado nada bien, lo que no significa que no pueda funcionar en otras pieles.

Personalmente me quedo con la prebase Shadow Insurance de Too Faced, que volví a comprar tras mi fiasco con la de Urban Decay. ¿Habéis probado alguna de estas prebases? ¿Cuál es vuestra experiencia con ellas?


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I recently got into body scrubs when I get my first one as a present. The Rituals Wai Wang exfoliating body scrub from the Organic White Lotus & Yi Yi Ren line is beyond perfection and, as you may see, it has been very well loved by me. It’s like a white cream full of ultrafine bits of organic Bamboo that remove dead skin cells. As you can tell that I’m a huge fan of Rituals and I absolutely adore this product. The scent is also amazing and the smell lingers on your skin four hours. It’s very appealing and calming, which makes this body scrub perfect for using before going to sleep.

I have also been using the Rituals Mai Dao body cream from the Organic White Lotus & Yi Yi Ren line, which is a fantastic moisturizer and the size is also perfect for when you’re going away. It smells really pleasant, just like the body scrub; it’s really hydrating and feels lovely on the skin. It feels really velvety too. The only thing that annoys me is that you can’t get all the product from the tube.

I’m also a big fan of The Body Shop Glazed Apple body butter because it gets your skin so moisturized. The scent is quite light but it feels so fresh and there is something about this scent that makes me happy. It’s true that Body Shop body butters are quite thick but they’re also so rich. If you have really dry skin I would go for it!

Which are your favourite body care products?