Today I would like to talk about what I call ‘The beauty community’. Nowadays, the number of beauty ‘gurus’ and beauty vloggers has increased spectacularly on YouTube. The majority of them have been working really hard on their channels for years and, with their effort and their passion for this hobby, they have achieved lots of viewers and fame.

Lots of people rely on their reviews and recommendations about beauty or skincare products and put into practice their makeup tutorials using the same tools and products they mention. Their bubbly personality and their confidence in front of the camera make their channels so fun to watch, which has lead to increase the number of subscribers in their social media too. Makeup brands are aware of that and they have started to collaborate with ‘YouTubers’ in order to promote their new releases.

Since that, beauty vloggers have started to make money on YouTube with sponsored videos. I appreciate beauty ‘gurus’ who are themselves in their videos and that give their own opinions. But it’s very obvious to me when someone is not being real in her/his videos. I don’t mind if beauty vloggers make money from YouTube because I know that beauty products are expensive. So, if you are supposed to film reviews and produce content regularly is understandable that makeup brands pay vloggers to talk about their products and give their opinion about them.

The problem arises when beauty vloggers are not being honest about their reviews and are getting paid to only say good things about products that they have not even tested or chosen. I’m not saying they all do this, but it’s pretty obvious when they are doing it.

What’s worse is that some of them don’t even tell to their viewers that they are being sponsored or paid for talking about some products, which I would really appreciate. It would mean that, at least, they respect their public. By not doing that they can lose lots of sympathies because the viewers are not stupid and on one point they will notice and feel fooled. If you are being paid, be upfront. Otherwise who can trust your opinion? I attach a collections of videos edited by gurureview that make us think about this topic and addresses us a simple question: Advise or advertisement?





I do really enjoy makeup and I have been thinking about starting a YouTube channel because it would be so much easier to talk about products and explain my thought about them than writing a full review that almost no one is going to read. I am really passionate with the things that I enjoy doing and this also happens with my blog. And it makes me feel sad when I explain to someone that I have a blog about makeup and beauty and they automatically associate beauty bloggers and, especially, vloggers with the advertising industry. I genuinely think that loving makeup doesn’t mean that you are superficial. Luckily, Gemma Tomlinson from the beauty channel Gemsmaquillage has recently uploaded a video where she explains my exact thoughts and motivations to start my Internet adventure. I hope you enjoy it as I did.



What do you think?





Today I’m going to talk about my favourite skincare product which is Normadern Daily Exfoliating Cleansing Gel from Vichy.

First of all, I’ll talk you about my skin type. I have combination skin which is a combination of both oily and dry skin. This type of skin is very common and it should be treated as if it were two different types of skin.

For a daily skincare routine it doesn’t matter it is day or night. It’s always important to follow three important steps: cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

Cleansing is the most important part of your entire skin care routine. In my opinion, if you don’t cleanse your skin well then no matter how expensive or how good your moisturizing is because it’s not going to work.

Exfoliating your face is part of the cleansing process. It’s very important to exfoliate your skin because it helps to remove all the dead skin on the top layer of your face to reveal the smoother and newer skin underneath. This is why I use regular acne cleanser which helps remove oil on my entire face which will help bring your excess oil into balance.

As I said before, having combination skin involves using two types of skincare products. However, one year ago I tried Normaderm Daily Exfoliating Cleansing Gel from Vichy, which nowadays is my Holy Grail product. I love the way it exfoliates my skin. The gel contains fine micro-beads that eliminate excess of oil without over-drying your skin. I use it every day after washing my face with a gentle cleanser and warm water, which helps opening your pores.

This really works if you are using the right skin care products for your skin type. Please keep in mind that by using high end and expensive skincare products doesn’t mean that you will have better skin. It is more about if it is the right product for your skin type and also if you are doing it the right way.

This is why I recommend asking for professional advice and don’t give up on trying new products. It’s a matter of trial and error.


Hoy quiero hablaros de mi producto de cuidado facial favorito, el Normaderm Gel Exfoliante Diario de Vichy.

En primer lugar, mi tipo de piel es mixta. Esto significa que hay partes de mi rostro, como las mejillas, que presentan el comportamiento propio de pieles secas, mientras la zona T –frente, nariz y barbilla- tiene características de la piel grasa. Es una situación muy común que, idealmente, debería ser tratada por separado con productos específicos para cada área del rostro.

Es importante seguir tres pasos en nuestra rutina: limpiar, tonificar e hidratar.

La limpieza facial es la parte más importante de nuestra rutina. En mi opinión, si no limpiamos nuestra piel a fondo, no importa lo cara o buena que sea nuestra crema hidratante, porque no conseguirá penetrar en nuestra piel correctamente.

Exfoliar nuestra piel forma parte del proceso de limpieza. Es importante hacerlo para eliminar las células muertas que se encuentran en la capa superior de nuestra piel y mostrarla suave y renovada. Por este motivo uso un exfoliante que, a la vez, hace la función de limpiador, para eliminar el exceso de aceite.

Como dije antes, tener piel mixta supone usar dos tipos de productos faciales. Sin embargo, hace un año probé el Normaderm gel Exfoliante Diario de Vichy, que se ha convertido en mi favorito. Este gel contiene micropartículas que ayudan a eliminar el exceso de grasa sin resecar las zonas más secas del rostro. Lo suelo usar cada mañana tras lavarme la cara con agua templada, que ayuda a abrir los poros.

Este producto es útil si se ajusta a lo que necesita tu piel. Recordad que no importa si usamos exfoliantes y cremas caras si no se adaptan a vuestro tipo de piel. Se trata de encontrar el producto que mejor se adapte a las características que muestra nuestro rostro. Si no tenéis problemas dermatológicos graves, os recomiendo acudir a una farmacia o perfumería especializada para pedir consejo profesional. En cambio, si tenéis muchos granitos o un problema severo deberíais poneros en manos de un dermatólogo.




Since I don’t wear heavy foundation most days, I rely on my concealer to get the coverage job done. Luckily, I only use concealers to hide my under-eye bags and make my eyes look brighter. Today I’m going to be sharing my opinion about three of my latest purchases.

El corrector es uno de los productos en los que confío para cubrir ojeras y dar luminosidad a la parte inferior de los ojos, aportando luz a la mirada. Por suerte, no tengo granitos ni rojeces, así que este es el único uso que doy a los correctores. Durante las últimas semanas he estado probando tres de ellos:

Garnier – BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector Eye Roll-On in Light

It comes in a Fair/lLight and Light/Medium shade selection and the tube has an attached cooling roller ball that feels quite nice under eyes and allows you to roll the concealer in place and minimize puffiness.

Even though I purchased Fair/Light shade, the product has a dark and orange undertone that doesn’t correct darkness. The coverage is very sheer and with a short wear time of around two hours it fades away completely. Due to this, it doesn’t help to brighten my under-eye.

I would recommend this product for people that don’t really need or use a ton of concelaer to begin with. However, if you have bagginess and dark circles I would avoid it.

Está disponible en dos tonos, Claro y Medio, y el tubo incorpora una bolita metálica que dispensa el producto y calma la zona de las ojeras.

Aunque compré el tono más claro, era demasiado oscuro y anaranjado para mi tono de piel, por lo que no aporta ninguna luminosidad al rostro. La cobertura es casi imperceptible y, además, desaparece al cabo de un par de hora de aplicar el corrector.

Recomendaría este producto para aquellas personas que no necesitan mucha cobertura. Sin embargo, si tenéis las ojeras muy marcadas evitaría comprarlo.



Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Concealer ‘The eraser’ in ‘Sand’

The consistency of the product is incredibly light and almost feels like nothing is on the skin. Nonetheless, the shade range in Spain is very limited. The lightest tone available is ‘Sand’, which is too dark and orange for my skin tone. In any case, I found that the coverage was slightly sheer and the formula leaves an oily finish on my skin. I would recommend this product for people that have dry skin and for ones who want light coverage.

La consistencia del corrector es muy ligera y deja una sensación de “no maquillaje”. Aún así, sólo hay tres tonos disponibles en España y el más claro de ellos es ‘Sand’, que queda demasiado oscuro y anaranjado para mi tono de piel. En cualquier caso, el corrector proporciona una cobertura ligera y deja un aspecto aceitoso y no acaba de fundirse en mi cara. Recomendaría este producto a personas con piel seca y para aquellas que no necesitan demasiada cobertura.



L’Oréal Lumi Magique Concealer in Light

Lumi Magique is hands down my all time favorite pen concealer and highlighter. I love this underneath my eyes and around my nose or any area I want to highlight. I use it every day even in days I don’t use make up. I have the shade Light and on the first application it worked wonders. The formula has light consistency and the brush applicator is very handy. I would recommend this product for those who want medium coverage and make their eye look brighter.

Lumi Magique es mi corrector e iluminador favorito. Lo uso bajo los ojos y alrededor de mi nariz para crear un efecto “buena cara”. Uso el tono ‘Light’ y, desde la primera aplicación, ha funcionado de maravilla. Su formula tiene una consistencia muy ligera y el aplicador en forma de pincel es muy práctico. Recomiendo este producto a aquellos que quieran una cobertura media y resaltar sus ojos aportándoles un toque de luz.


Which are your favorite concealers?
¿Cuáles son vuestros correctores favoritos?



Although washing makeup brushes tends to be the thing we most overlook, it should be a regular part of our beauty routine. After a few days of using your makeup brushes, bacteria, bits of makeup, natural oils and dirt can get trapped in the bristles and transmit onto your face every time they come in contact with your skin, which can lead to blemishes and other issues.

So how often should you clean your makeup brushes? Preferably, every day, this will help maintain their quality and protect your investment. Wash your brushes right after you apply your makeup and allow them to dry so they will be ready for the next day.

Okay. Even though I can’t see you face I can imagine your reaction after saying that you should clean your makeup brushes every day. How we can put it into practice?

Clean regularly with a daily cleanser: It’s a makeup brush dry cleaning spray designed to quickly remove light traces of makeup between applications. I spray it three-to-four times directly onto brush bristles, then lightly swipe the brush across tissue. Finally, I let them air dry.

Deep cleaning once a week: I set aside time to deep clean each brush once a week. The first step is running the bristles of the brushes under lukewarm water without getting water underneath the metal clasp of the handle. Then swirl the bristles of the brush onto a clarifying shampoo and water mixture. Last but not least, massage the bristles while running them under water until they are completely clean, use a clean face towel to remove the excess of water and let them air dry on a clean towel.

While I recommend getting a special product for the daily makeup brushes cleaning process, I think it’s ok just using a gentle shampoo or baby shampoo for the in-depth cleaning steps. I’ve been trying Sephora Collection Daily Brush Cleaner with an anti-bacterial formula and I’m really astonished with the results.


Limpiar las brochas que usamos para maquillarnos es una de las tareas que dejamos más de lado, aunque debería ser algo indispensable hacer, por lo menos, una vez a la semana. Tras unos días usando una brocha, restos de maquillaje, bacterias y suciedad se depositan en ella, transmitiéndose a nuestra piel cada vez que aplicamos productos sobre nuestra piel. Algo que puede provocar rojeces y otros problemas dermatológicos como la aparición de granitos.

¿Cuándo deberíamos limpiar nuestras brochas? Preferiblemente, cada día, para mantener la calidad de las mismas y protegerlas del desgaste. Limpia tus brochas tras aplicarte el maquillaje y déjalas secar para que estén listas para el día siguiente.

¿Cómo podemos ponerlo en práctica?

Limpieza regular con un producto de uso diario: los limpiadores de brochas de maquillaje en seco son unos espráis diseñados para retirar de forma rápida pequeñas cantidades de maquillaje entre aplicaciones. Aplico entre tres y cuatro dosificaciones directamente en la brocha y, con un pañuelo o toalla limpia, retiro los restos de maquillaje que el producto ayuda a desprender. Luego, simplemente dejamos secar la brocha unos minutos y ya está lista para usarla de nuevo.

Limpieza en profundidad una vez por semana: cada semana reservo unos minutos para limpiar cada brocha en profundidad. El primer paso es mojar la brocha con agua tibia sin introducir agua bajo la parte metálica del pincel. Después introducimos las cerdas de la brocha en una mezcla de champú y agua, y, con la ayuda de nuestros dedos, eliminamos los restos de maquillaje. Para acabar, usamos una toalla limpia para eliminar el exceso de agua y dejamos secar las brochas en posición horizontal o, preferiblemente, vertical, con las cerdas de la brocha hacia abajo. Así se secan más rápido y no dejamos que el agua entre en la parte metálica de la brocha.

Recomiendo usar un producto específico para la limpieza diaria, pero, en el caso de la limpieza en profundidad, usar un champú para niños o para pieles sensibles es una buena opción. Personalmente, he probado el Sephora Collection Daily Brush Cleaner, que tiene una formula antibacteriana, y estoy muy impresionada con los resultados. Os recomiendo que lo prevéis porqué es muy fácil de usar y os ayudará a maquillaros de una forma más “higiénica”.

Before / Antes


After /Después





I have been trying out the new Color Elixirs by Maybelline. This is very new for me but apparently they have been at the drugstore for a month. I’ve heard beauty vloggers like Estée from EssieButton and Judy from itsJudytime raving about these so I thought I would give them a go.

The packaging is so eye catching because there are beautiful colours in the range and they look like lipsticks. But when you look up close it’s basically a lip gloss. Maybelline’s website says it has the colour saturation of a lipstick, the high shine of a gloss and the moisturising feeling of a balm. It clearly made quite the impression on me and this is why I wanted to see by myself and bring home my favourite shade from the range and tell you all about this product.

I picked up ‘Raspberry Rhapsody’ at Mercadona for 8,90€. The packaging is a little intimidating because it looks quite purple but on it’s gorgeous and a very wearable shade. When I tried it my first impression was: It smells so nice! What’s more, the brush is a puffy sponge that makes it so easy to slap on in the morning giving to your lips the perfect wash of colour for everyday. Although they aren’t long-wearing, I noticed the purplish shade stays on your lips longer than the shine gloss, which tends to fade away after 1-2 hours.

I feel that the key to this product is that it’s so hydrating. The only con about this is that it isn’t long-lasting. In any case, I would highly recommend the Colour Elixir lip gloss to anyone.


Esta última semana he estado probando los Color Elixir de Maybelline. He oído a algunas video bloggers como Estée de EssieButton y Judy de itsJudytime hablar maravillas de este producto, así que decidí comprobar si las críticas eran ciertas.

Lo primero que me llamó la atención de los Color Elixir fue su presentación. Los colores de la colección Otoño-Invierno 14/15 son preciosos. En la web de Maybelline aseguran que ofrece el brillo reluciente de un gloss, la protección de un bálsamo y el color saturado de un lápiz. Una descripción bastante impactante, y el motivo por el que me lleve a casa mi tono favorito ‘Raspberry Rhapsody’ para poder dar mi propio veredicto. Lo conseguí en Mercadona por 8,90€.

Debo admitir que este tono morado no era mi primera opción, pero la dependienta de la perfumería me animó diciéndome que era el color más vendido y que, además, quedaba genial. Cuando llegué a casa y lo probé mi primera impresión fue: ¡Huele muy bien! Además, el tiene un pincel de angora que hace la aplicación muy cómoda y rápida, que da un toque de color muy favorecedor para el día a día. Aunque no es un producto de larga duración, he notado que el color morado permanece en los labios más tiempo que el gloss, que tiende a desaparecer al cabo de 1-2horas.

Pienso que el mayor acierto de los Color Elixir es la hidratación que aporta, ya que los lip gloss suelen resecar los labios y resaltar los defectos de éstos. El único defecto que les encuentro es que no sean de larga duración. En cualquier caso, recomiendo que los probéis por su fácil aplicación y el color que aportan.